Organic cotton doesn't use dangerous pesticides and allows farmers to work within their limits and their environment in a safer and more sustainable way. Organic Cotton farming uses less energy and less water preserving our scarce and precious resources for the future. These benefits protects both the environment and the lively hood of the farmers and their families. See more about this here


Where do WAFFLE materials come from?

Committed to responsibly sourcing and promoting the best natural materials, WAFFLE cushions and throws are made using 100% GOTS Certified fair trade organic cotton. The production of the fabric supports fair trade hand weaving communities in rural India. The fabric travels to the UK by boat on big chunky rolls. The dyeing is completed organically in Scotland.

The embroidery wools used are 100% pure new British wool by Appletons. Spun and dyed in the UK, it is hardwearing, mothproofed and durable.

WAFFLE rugs are made by skilled craftsmen in North India using the finest New Zealand wool and linen yarns. Yarns are dyed in small batches with AZO free dyes.

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ARE bespoke requests POSSIBLE?

WAFFLE loves to work to your specification for a special project and also offers GIFT Vouchers which make an the ideal gift for a special occasion. WAFFLE aims to produce quality goods that are made to last, looked after well and can be handed down for generations to come. Personalising a gift for yourself or someone else allows you to connect with it on a deeper level making you more likely to cherish this piece for many moons to come. 

A slower approach to modern consumer society and an authentic quality that can be felt in each hand finished piece.



The eco friendly dry cleaning method is termed as - ‘wet cleaning’. Johnson’s Cleaners has over 190 branches in UK (They also have branches in Europe and beyond). They committed just last year to use Green Earth Dry Cleaning products in all their laundries. 

WAFFLE products can also be cold hand washed with care or spot cleaned however a hot wash would cause the wool to felt and the cotton to shrink significantly.

To keep your cushions & throws looking their finest it is best to avoid sharp edges or jewellery that may cause snagging. Any snagged thread can be manipulated back into the reverse of the weave using a pin and a little care.

To look after your WAFFLE rug it is recommended using a non slip material under your rug to keep in place. Regular vacuuming is best using a brushless attachment. Avoid contact with strong sunlight. There after professional cleaning is advised.